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Living In Zen

Magick Heart Meditation brings to Breda: Siddha Aeon from Japan, for a 3 day meditation retreat.


This is an opportunity to experience a meditation retreat inside of a monastery, and a chance to slow down and feel life, disconnect to reconnect with yourself.

Beginning: july 25 (evening)

End: july 28 (noon)

Place: Het Klooster, Breda

Limited amount of participants

Living in Zen is to live life with awareness.


Through OSHO active meditations, awareness techniques and self-inquiry techniques based on Zen tradition, we let-go our personality and rediscover our essence, that is awareness.


This is an invitation to leave all the day to day worries and tensions behind and allow yourself  to dive deeply into inner space where real meeting of oneself can happen. 


"Zen does not give you anything: it simply takes away all the layers of onion and then says to you, Look, this is you -- just pure nothingness" Osho

For more information:

Siddha Eon

born in Japan in 1969.


After 10 years of academic learning of biology and western medicine and another 10 years of experiential learning of Eastern medicine, her life brought her to the path of meditation. Since then she has been experiencing, learning and sharing the meditations all over the world for 10 years.  

certificated facilitator for:

OSHO Active Meditations (certificated by OSHO International Meditation Resort)

OSHO Mystic Rose  (by OIMR)

OSHO Born Again  (by OIMR and OSHO Afroz Meditation Center in Greece)

OSHO No-Mind  ( by OIMR and OAMC)

OSHO Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to yourBodyMind  ( by OIMR and OAMC)

Awareness Intensive "Who is in ?"  ( by OIMR)


certificated practitioner for:

Acupuncture (certificated by Ministry of Health and Welfare in Japan)

Moxibustion (by MHWJ)

Traditional Japanese Bodywork & Shiatsu  (by MHWJ)

Cranio-Sacral Therapy (by Upledger Institute Japan)

Facial Harmony Balancing

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Iedereen kan meedoen, er is geen ervaring nodig, we geven altijd een duidelijke uitleg (in het Nederlands en Engels) begeleiding en oefenen (indien nodig) voor elke meditatie.

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