Max Rinzai

Born in Brazil in 1980 from a witch mother and a Catholic father, sannyasin since 2004

In 2015 started to live life in a meditative way, moved to India, found his love while he was swimming with dolphins in The Bahamas, became Italian and today lives in The Netherlands. Likes cheese and wine, but is lactose intolerant.

Mystic with crystal energy. Facilitator of Osho Meditations, Osho Mystic Rose, Inner Skills and Fast Track to Yourself.


Super animal lover, she lives by listening to and following her heart. She loves to meditate, swim in the ocean and be in nature.

Trained facilitator of OSHO Meditations in the OSHO International Meditation Resort, Pune, India, where she discovered her ability to combine meditation techniques in a playful way.

Currently in training to be a OSHO Prana Healer by Upadhi in Osho Miasto.

Iedereen kan meedoen, er is geen ervaring nodig, we geven altijd een duidelijke uitleg (in het Nederlands en Engels) begeleiding en oefenen (indien nodig) voor elke meditatie.

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